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About Us

about our company

Fundraise Together Ltd was formed in 2020 by some Used Textile industry and charity partnership specialist.

The combination of our expertise in working with charities to maximise the fundraising opportunities with used clothing collections, and our understanding of the used clothing markets means we can help charities and care for the environment to achieve the maximum potential.

From our sites across the UK we have teams of specialist delivery and collection agents, and designated specialist helplines, means any charity and their amazing donors can easily raise funds by clearing out their wardrobes and donating unused clothing.

We want to help the environment where ever we can by stopping clothes ending up at landfill, we do this by collecting and using them for re use as the main goal to maximise clothing life.

It is estimated that around 300,000 tonnes of clothing ends up in household bins every year with around 80% of this incinerated and 20% sent to landfill[1] 16% of People still dispose of their unwanted clothing by throwing it in the bin[2]. Our recycling collection services provide the opportunities for charities and the general public to dispose of more of its used clothing and household items in an environmentally friendly way, whilst supporting British charitable causes.


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Reference 2: First Mile Survey Published on Let’s Recycle Feb 2019