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For Home Owners

House Donation

Are you looking to declutter your home and donate unwanted items to charity? Here is how we can help


What Items Can Be Donated?

We accept good-quality, used clothing, paired shoes, handbags, belts, and bedding (excluding duvets and pillows).

Who Can Benefit From Your Donated Items?

Any charity that has signed up to our scheme can benefit from your donation. If the charity you prefer is not listed, please contact us, and we will try to include them. The charity will receive a payment per kilo of items collected, paid directly into their bank account. Once the goods are collected, the charity will send you an email thanking you for your donation.

Where Do We Collect?

If you live anywhere on our collection map, we can arrange to collect from you. We visit each area at least once a week.

How to Book a Collection

To book a collection, complete the contact request form with your telephone number, email, and home postcode. We will then call you to advise when we will collect. Put your items into any plastic bag (re-use any bags as long as they keep the items clean and dry). To make the collection a benefit to the charity, we need to collect at least the equivalent of two black sacks full of clothing. On the day of the collection, please place the bag(s) on your doorstep (unless alternative arrangements have been made), and our driver will collect them. You don’t have to be at home.  


No we will collect from the door step or when you advise.

They will receive a rate per kilo for the items collected.

Simply send us your details and the charity you want to donate to and we will get in contact with them to see if they are happy to be part of the scheme

For Charity Partners

Are you a charity looking for a way to raise funds and awareness? Here is how we can help


What Does the Scheme Involve?

The scheme is simple. Donors will gather items together that they want to donate and then select which charity they want the proceeds of their donation to go to. At the end of each month, the proceeds from the month will be paid directly to the charity.

What Does the Charity Get?

The charity will receive funds paid directly for all the donations made, at a rate per kilo collected. In addition, the charity will gain brand awareness and the ability to state that they have a Green initiative with a strong sustainability program, all at no direct cost.

What Does a Charity Need to Do?

Not much or as much as they can. We will ask the charity to sign an agreement allowing their logo, strapline, information about the charity, and a link to the charity’s website to be added to the Fundraise Together website for donors to select. The charity should agree to the promotion of the collections with the name and logo of the charity. In an ideal world, the charity should also include a statement on their website that they are working with Fundraise Together to legitimize the scheme so that donors will donate as much as possible to their charity.

How Does a Charity Sign Up?

To sign up, the charity only needs to contact Fundraise Together by completing the contact us page on the website or emailing [email protected].
Charity Partners

For Collection Partners

Man in van

Are you interested in becoming a collection partner? Here is what you need to know


How Do I Become a Collection Partner?

To become a collection partner, contact Fundraise Together by completing the contact us page on the website or emailing [email protected].

What Do I Need to Be a Collection Partner?

To be a collection partner, you will need a full clean driving license, business insurance to carry goods, liability insurance (normally about £40 per year), a suitable vehicle, and space to store up to 50 bags of items.
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